Today it is my duty as president of The United States of The Americas and Europe, to disclose a very special statement to you the world’s population.This statement was written by or for the first human beings to settle on planet earth nearly six thousand years ago. For centuries it was hidden in a cask which has been verified as dating back to the second millennium before Christ.It was discovered just over 200 years ago, in 1922, by the explorer George Herbert when excavating Tutankhamun.Written in an unknown script the statement, literally engraved on stone, took many years to decipher. Clues to understanding the script were revealed in 2014 when the NASA Mars Curiosity photographed a strange object which when analyzed revealed similar hieroglyphics to those on the Herbert stone.I can now reveal what was written on that stone because it has a very significant message to convey to each and every one of us as citizens of this world.You need to understand the implications of this statement.

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