Patients, therefore, should be warned against excessivealcohol intake, acute or chronic, while receiving amaryl-mp metformin hydrochloride tablets.

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Taking metformin with phenytoinwhich is used to treat seizuresmay make metformin less . effective in lowering your blood sugar.

When I first had diabetes as I say it was quite a shock to me and Iwas put on metformin tabletsbut after three months they took me off the tablets and said that I could control my diabetes by way of dietAnd I am still controlling it by way of dietso with the occasional lapses nowalthough my readings have creptup a little bit this yearSo I’m not on any medication at all at presentAlthough I believe that diabetes does tend to get a little worse over the yearsso I probably will go onto tablets again in due courseand possibly injections in the longer termAs I sayI need to concentrate more on keeping myself at the right weight and exercising moreIf I am busy doing other things exercise seems to go out the window and I will also eat a little more than I should.

And I went back to himafter weeks or months of trying to get back to see the doctorand the nursethe receptionist was saying that there is no diabetic appointmentBut I saidI need to see the doctorBut it’s not until I did go in and the doctor said that if at any time I feel anywayand the receptionist are telling me that I can’t see a doctorjust ask them to let the doctor call me and then that’s a safer betSo since I have learnt thatBut they have taken me off of rosiglitazone and put me back on the metformin and gliclazideAnd I haveSo far so goodI’m okay.

When you first start taking metformin standard-release tablets you will be advised to increase the dose slowlyThis reduces the chances of getting side effects.

That’s itrosiglitazoneWith Avandiathe reason I asked for this Avandiawhen I was in America in the early part of this yearthey had such a massive powerful write up about it that diabetics were on itThey have done so welltheir diabetes is in check and all the rest of itso I thoughtgo for itand I went for itmy whole entire body swellMy diabetes was up thereIt wasn’t doing nothing for meI was just like a pudding.

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metformin hydrochloride works by lowering the high blood glucose hyperglycemia by helping your body make more use of the insulin released by pancreas or in short this drug works by suppressing the glucose production by the liver.


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