We have the honor of presenting you the recently-created law firm in Brussels called “Just Rights”.

Just Rights is a European Human Rights Law firm, located in Brussels, which has developed a particular specialization in litigation before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, against member States of the Council of Europe. In the near future, the law firm intends to expand to other European cities, in order to be accessible to all citizens. This law firm has as its main objective the promotion and increased protection of human rights. Specifically, because national procedures do not always provide everyone with a way to uphold or restore their rights, we want to facilitate access to the European Court for Human Rights, and guarantee a quality defense for all. Additionally, because the most fundamental rights are still being violated, the law firm “Just Rights” has the ambition of contributing to a more just society.

Our team intervenes in human rights disputes linked to the Internet, protection of property, private & family life, extradition of suspects,expulsion of migrants, freedom of expression, police violence, torture & inhumane treatment, discrimination, racism, medical errors, asylum law, criminal law, civil law, etc. Hence, we intervene in all domains of the law, as long as human rights interests are at stake. A specialized law firm like Just Rights is absolutely essential and does not only offer its services to private individuals, but also to other legal experts, legal entities, etc.

A specialized law firm is necessary in order to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome of your case, especially since 95 percent of the applications to the European Court for Human Rights are declared inadmissible and given the decision of the European Court to start applying an even more formalistic approach. Therefore, the probability of an application being declared inadmissible by the European Court will only increase in the future, unless a specialized law firm is consulted and included in the procedure before the European Court for Human Rights. Our specialization can only be an advantage in the defense of your interests.

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Human Rights

As a practicing lawyer of Human rights I make sure that your voice be heard at the ECHR. A case that was lost in Belgium doesn’t necessarily mean that you were wrong as regards the Human rights. And I therefore represent people who despite a negative result nationally are still convinced that they are right and are willing to submit their case to the ECHR.



Zouhaier Chihaoui


Zouhaier Chihaoui was born in Ghent on 14 January 1983. He grew up in an underprivileged area of Ghent (Calles New Ghent) and this gave him a sense of justice and an intense desire to see society evolving to become a community of equal chances.


Jessica Davila-Ardittis


Jessica has been a lawyer at the Brussels Bar since 2015. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Law from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (U.L.B.) as well as a Master’s degree in Human Rights from the Université Saint-Louis. Before joining the Bar, Jessica completed…

Chihaoui & Associates



• M.S.S. v. Belgium and Greece

21 January 2011 (Grand Chamber Judgement)
no. 30696/09  Available on

• Kanagaratnam v. Belgium

13 December 2011
no. 15297/09   Available on › 

• Yoh-Ekale Mwanje v. Belgium

20 December 2011
no. 201110486/10   Available on ›

• Firoz Muneer v. Belgium

11 April 2013
no. 56005/10   Available on ›

• M.D. v. Belgium

14 November 2013
no. 56028/10 Available on ›

• Ouabour v. Belgium

2 June 2015
no. 26417/10 Available on ›

• Bouyid v. Belgique

28 September 2015 (Grand Chamber Judgement)
no. 23380/09 Available on ›

• Tekin & Arslan v. Belgium

5 September 2017
no. 37795/13

Chihaoui & Associates



• A.A. v. Belgium,

no. 27687/15
(unfair trial and right to private life illegally obtained evidence)

• Ali Hussein Fathiya v. Belgium,

no. *
(inhumane treatment)

• Bekir v. Belgium,

no. *
(unfair trial)

• Darwaisch & Faqiri v. Belgium,

no. 52574/13
(prohibition of inhuman treatment – loss of unborn child)

• El Hitar v. Belgium,

no. 67346/14
(arbitrary detention and right to access to the judge)

• Fayoumi W. v. Belgium,

no. 60760/12
(prohibition of inhuman treatment – disproportionate police violence and grievous bodily harm)

• Flavia v. Belgium,

no. *
(prohibition of torture – risk of torture and expulsion)

• Geris M.-A. v. Belgium,

no. 65462/11
(unfair trial – use of evidence obtained in absence of lawyer)

• Guizani v. Belgium,

no. *
(right to private life – disciplinary measures in detention)

• Klimov v. Belgium,

no. 75771/14
(right to private life – unlawful home invasion)

• Lhermitte G. v. Belgium,

no. 34238/09 – Grand Chamber
(unfair trial – lack of motivation of the jury)

• Muzamba v. Belgium,

no. 23707/15
(arbitrary detention)

• Ouabbou A. v. Belgium,

no. 48592/10
(unfair trial – no opportunity to challenge key witness evidence)

• Prisacaru v. Belgium and Romania,

no. 8339/15
(inhuman treatment and extradition – inhuman prison conditions in Romania)

• Sabani v. Belgium,

no. 53069/15
(arbitrary detention of woman with 10 years’ antecedents of manic-depression and suicidal tendencies)

• Salem v. Belgium,

no. *
(arbitrary detention of a minor asylum seeker)


no. *
(right to life – unlawful killing as a result of police violence in prison)


no. 31688/16
(right to private life – unlawful expulsion of woman, loss of asylum status as a result of ending a violent relationship)

* Application number to be announced